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Events in Milan and surroundings: detail

From February 12 2014 to February 10 2015


Porta Romana Milan
Porta Romana is one of the six main gates of Milan, built inside of the ramparts . Located in the south- east of the city, opened the road to Lodi. Today characterized by the presence of the arc monumental 1596 liked by Philip III of Spain, is located in the center of the square gold medals at the outlet of Corso di Porta Romana .
In the past Porta Romana also identified one of the six historic districts in which the city was divided , the District of Porta Romana .
The Spanish port (XVI century)
The Porta Romana current which opens in Ramparts of Milan was founded on the same road axis (now the Corso di Porta Romana ) which had arisen before the doors of the same name from the Roman period ( on the track of the Roman walls ) and medieval times ( on the track of medieval walls ) .

Porta Romana in the early twentieth century
The Porta Romana current that opens in the Spanish walls of Milan was founded on the same road axis (now the Corso di Porta Romana ) which had arisen before the doors of the same name from the Roman period ( on the track of the Roman walls of Milan) and medieval ( on the track of the medieval walls of Milan). The door - still in excellent condition, although isolated from the ramparts, was erected in 1596 on the occasion of the entrance of Margaret of Austria - Styria, betrothed to Philip III of Spain . Looking to the flight of a bird, the Spanish walls resemble a large heart, with the tip pointing towards the Porta Romana . Legend has it that this form was done on purpose to give Philip III , as a wedding gift to his bride , and for the next two centuries to Roman Gate was the only entrance to the monumental . It features a rusticated Doric arch , arches inspired by Roman imperial .
The door, which was characterized in the past for the crossing to his side of the tram 13, of which still survive today binaries , as recently restored is poorly valued for the important monument that actually represents , appearing today as a traffic which is organized around the central city traffic , in a corner of the city quite chaotic and ill-defined .
At Porta Romana stood the Funeral Train , which departed from the tram funeral convoys destined for the Cemetery and Monumental . Which later became the entertainment center of the TMJ , has been converted to thermal structure in 2010 , with the name of Terme di Milano . Inside is preserved - reused for the occasion - a Twenty-eight , one of the typical tram in Milan .

Premises in Porta Romana

Via Orti , 4
Younite Café
Viale Bligny , 42
Spazio Fitzcarraldo
Filippetti Avenue , 41
Papas & Beer
Corso Italy , 40
The Cloisters Of St. Barnabas
Via San Barnaba , 48
spreader bar
Corso di Porta Romana , 67
Al Covo
Viale Bligny , 60
Viale Regina Margherita, 4
Viale Beatrice D' Este, 36
Viale Sabotino , 20
Tropicana Club Latino
Viale Bligny , 52
the Cavallante
Via Muratori , 3
Palo Alto Café
Corso di Porta Romana , 106
Via Curtatone , 20
Via Sabotino , 12
Trattoria My Friends
Viale Bligny 19
Via Maddalena , 1
LifeGate Café
Way of the Commandery , 43
taxi Blues
Viale Bligny , 15
Old -One Cafe
Via Santa Sofia, 6
Don Juanito
Corso di Porta Vigentina , 33
Via Orti, 31
the Ciribiciaccola
Viale Sabotino , 38
Bamboo Cafe
E.Caldara Avenue , 30
El Quetzal
Corso di Porta Romana , 103
Night & Day
Via Orti , 24
City of the Dragon
Viale Sabotino , 14
Malies Mediterranean Gastronomy
Via Orti , 2
Osteria Goose Giuliva
Viale Bligny , 29
Via Maddalena , 3-5
Via Campi , 2
Via Francesco Sforza, 14
Largo Augusto, 7
Roman Café
Via San Calimero , 3
Osteria La Pergola
Alley Santa Caterina
Treasure Island
Via Ludovico da Viadana , 2
Antica Pizzeria Fiorentina
Viale Bligny , 41
The 3 Oranges
Via Orti , 10
Via Stud , 5
Reef Café
Viale Bligny , 24
the Sun
Via Curtatone , 5
Viale Sabotino , 19
The Landing
Viale Bligny , 42
at Penny
Viale Bligny , 42
Pond Street , 2
Anema and Mussels
Viale Regina Margherita
Via Orti , 31
Pizza Tac ...
Via Alfonso La Marmora , 36
Lantern Tavern
Via Giuseppe Mercalli , 3
Viale Bligny , 21

Cantina Piemontese
Pond Street , 11
Round Of Via Besana
via Besana
Teatro Carcano
Corso Porta Romana , 63
Via Caldara , 30
Via Orti , 7

the Bettola
Via Orti , 17

Via Giuseppe Mercalli , 22

Super Pizza
Viale Sabotino , 4

Viale Bligny , 2

Corso di Porta Vigentina , 31

Square Erculea 9
from the Seventh
Way of the Commandery , 21

University of Milan
Via Feast of Forgiveness, 7
Antica Osteria del Pond
Via Feast of Forgiveness, 4
My Grill
Via Feast of Forgiveness , 1
Convent of the Good
Corso Italy , 26
El Gamba De Legn
Corso di Porta Vigentina , 38
Hana Sushi
Viale Monte Nero , 5
bar Quadronno
Via Quadronno , 34
Fratelli La Bufala
Viale Sabotino , 1A
Hospitals and private clinics in Porta Romana

NURSING HOME THE MADONNINA 29/31 , v . Quadronno - 20122 Milan ( MI)
The Nursing Home La Madonnina is the traditional Milanese reference to the health activities of diagnosis and treatment, has been able to exploit the high performances for which it is rooted ... Category: Hospitals
ITALIAN INSTITUTE Auxologico 13 st . Ariosto - 20145 Milan (MI)
In 2008, the Italian Institute Auxologico celebrated 50 years of clinical practice and biomedical research . An important goal and a challenge to do more and better. Category: Hospitals
NURSING HOME THE MADONNINA 29/31 , v . Quadronno - 20122 Milan ( MI)
The Nursing Home La Madonnina is the traditional Milanese reference to the health activities of diagnosis and treatment, has been able to exploit the high performances for which it is rooted ... Category : Nursing homes and private clinics
The Italian Dental Institute (ISI) has a multi-specialized clinic , a nursing home specializing in surgery oro-maxillo -facial surgery ( operating under a regime of ... Category : Nursing homes and private clinics
distance 1.6 km

Hotel Piacenza Milan is located in Via Piacenza 4 to about 250 meters from Piazza Medaglie D'oro known as Porta Romana Zone 4/5 and thanks to Milan This location offers varied opportunities for wine tasting tours and shopping for those who want to stay in the city of Milan . Reaching it is really easy due to the proximity to the Porta Romana subway with which in just 5 minutes (third stop ) you will reach Piazza Duomo in 06 minutes ( fourth stop) Montenapoleone , in 10 minutes ( seventh stop ) and the Central Station in 06 Rogoredo minutes the train station where trains stop high-speed Freccia Rossa and Italo. At 300 meters there is a tram stop No. 24 with which you can reach the European Cancer Centre , for those arriving by car from the A1 , A7 , A8 , A9 , through the ring roads can reach well into Via Piacenza because outside the ZTL area C. By way of Piacenza , as in the adjacent street Beauty, Via Verona , Via Giulio Romano, Via Passeroni and the nearby Via Mantova , Via Adige , and Piazza Buozzi , every Friday there is a typical and colorful local market . Among the Via Piacenza , Via Corso Lodi and Crema , there are countless types of stores : hair salons, perfumeries , pharmacies, municipal , jewelery, besides , Snapfish , and Unieuro Media World at IPER COOP. Just 100 meters away from the Hotel Piacenza via Passeroni , is the COL- Lombardo Orthopaedic Center and ten minutes walk to the Gaetano Pini Hospital and Diagnostic Center in addition to - San Carlo , Via Pier Lombardo , 22, and the house private Care Clinic Capitanio via Mercalli , 30
still on the way Pierlombardi the famous Teatro Franco Parenti. The large number of students from the nearby University Bocconi University and State University crowd , plus the nearby canals , the numerous wine bars and Cream Via Porta Romana to the famous and delicious happy hour. Hotel guests can take advantage of Piacenza agreement with the adjacent gym and Spa Get Fit and a generous discount at the spa in Milan for relaxation and well-being .
Piacenza is a dog friendly hotel and the nearby Via Crema is a veterinary center in case of need . A little less than 300 meters at the garage Agnesi via Agnesi , 5 it is possible to use the assistance of a Tire , a body shop or a mechanic - electrics .

A few steps from Corso Lodi is the stop of Porta Romana subway line 3 Yellow which allows you to easily and quickly all the attractions of the city : from the old town full of churches, museums and monuments, the Fair , one of the most crucial from the point of view of economic and commercial.
Hotel Piacenza also offers its guests beautiful common areas , furnished with cherry wood and lit by large windows with leaded glass cathedral style .
In addition to the feeling of relaxation, these rooms also offer a range of facilities essential for those who are traveling on business profits but also to those who simply want to explore the city. An example is the wireless connection that allows guests to connect to the internet with your laptop at any time of the day


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